Thursday, December 7, 2006

Quebec Big Year 2007 - The Year List

A new year, a new blog

Welcome to my blog for the Quebec big year 2007. The competition is part of the celebrations of Bird Protection Quebec (BPQ and formerly Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds, PQSPB) being in existence for 90 years. More details about the competitions and celebrations are available on the society's web site (Google PQSPB). This blog will record my progress in the year list and garden list categories.

As with my blog for 2006 (type QCbirding2006 in the blog search engine to view) I will pepper the site with photographs and comments and anything else I fancy. Comments are always welcome, good or bad, and photographs are available in higher resolution format on request. Any photos lifted and used I can live with, just do me the courtesy of acknowledgement.

New postings will appear from January 1st 2007 onwards so bookmark me if you want to check my progress. Thanks and wish me luck.